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spot da incasso con led multipotenza con cover in abs trattato o policarbonato per illuminare situazioni di decoro ottica in pc trasparente Manufactured in hand-painted wood with mirò style décor. A polyurethane varnish coat provides a Soft to the touch feel and extra glossy appearance. White glazed glass. Manufactured in hand-forged ironwork. Anthracite colour metal, details in silver leaf applied by hand. Satinated Murano glass with transparent crystal borders. Or in rust colours metal with gold leaf finishes and hollow amber glass with transparent crystal borders. Manufactured in rust colour hand forged ironwork. Shaped details painted with antique gold colour. Transparent brown Murano glass with amber class insert. Made in hand-forged ironwork. Patinated metal with colours superimposed.
Made in brass, smelted bronzed metal leaves, details in gold leaf, appliqué by hand. Trasparent Murano glass with “poured” effect in amber. Made in brass. Smelted rosette, base and arms. Shaded, polished bronze metal. Transparent glass with craquelé workmanship. A characteristic of this model is the base in travertine. Made in hand-forged ironwork. Silver leaf metal, appliqué by hand. Hollowed, smoked, amber-coloured glass with transparent borders. Hand-forged ironwork. Base wave-effect in creased iron. Available in: Patinated metal with colours superimposed or gold and silver leaf appliqué by hand. Smelted brass on clay or in aluminum in the gold leaf or silver leaf versions. Appliqué by hand. Hollowed glass. Alabaster effect in shaded amber.
Smelted brass. Bronzed and satinized metal. Protective layer of opaque varnish. Satinized ground glass. Hand-forged ironwork. Patinated metal with colours superimposed.  Hand hollowed with Murano glass. Hand-forged ironwork. Patinated metal with colours superimposed. Autumn leaves effect. Made of iron finished with shining silver leaf metal. Cubic shape lead crystal 24% with vertical faceting. Made of metal finished with shining silver leaf. Cubic shape lead crystal 24% with vertical faceting.
 Inserts made of lined glass.
Made of shaped iron varnished in pearl color with insert in shining silver leaf metal. Transparent lead crystal 24% blown and hand pulled my master glaziers. Made in iron lightly marked with bevel-wheel, details in silver leaf. Rectangular shaped extra clear crystal droppers cut by hand. Made in hand-hammered forged iron upright in shade of gold brushed ivory. Details in gold leaf applied by hand. Blown Murano glass in the shape of a rose hand-worked petals powdered with gold dust. Available in gold, red, or green.
Manufactured in hand-forged ironwork. Gold and silver leaf applied by hand, aged and protected whit wax. Murano glass manufactured with continuous thread, intertwined crystal with amber border. Oval base and glass holder made of thick heat forged iron. A lamp created in blown, transparent murano glass with bronze coloured inserts. Details in smelted bronzed brass. Glossed shading. Ivory coloured wide pleated lampshade.
Priamo : 1025 
Lampadari : Priamo - 1025 Collezione : Priamo
Codice : 1025
Categoria : Lampadari

1025/3L: H :82 cm Ø :90 cm

Made in conifer-style branching in iron with upright in smelted brass metal treated with gold or silver leaf applied by hand large and small light bowls in Murano glass enriched by the workmanship of fine threads of glass. Available in black or transparent crystal. Candles in satinized glass with transparent poured effect.